Avenue Corporation, Fully dedicated to integrity, quality and innovation.
We strive to offer a unique combination of integrated packaging solutions and services unmatched by any other company to be the best.

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Avenue Corporation aspires to be a collaborative corporate organization rather than a competitive one, delivering Industrial Packaging Solution across the world. Our fervent aim is to build a product that continuously provides value for all stakeholders while reducing carbon footprint and ecological sustainability.

Who we are

Avenue Corporation is a well-organized, well-engineered industrial packaging manufacturer and developer of customized packaging solutions for the global market. Our dedication to you is underpinned by our experience in offering strategic solutions in the automotive supply chain using cutting-edge packaging technologies in the automotive supply chain.

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Avenue Corporation engineered packaging solution
Our Packaging Solutions excels in terms of sustainability vision, eco-friendly solutions, core values, and operations; an one stop solution for all your industrial packaging needs. We are here to deliver expert packaging solutions & meet your sustainability goals as per your requirements. If you’re rethinking your packaging strategy and are looking to partner with a like-minded supplier.
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